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Here are actual quotes, from Massachusetts to California. I’ve found that since [women] have to make the first move, you don’t get those aggressive messages from random people. I’ve heard that the League is good because it’s more filtered, and you’re only shown successful people.I think it’s a tie between those two.”East Coast Female, mid-20s: “I think on the East Coast it’s pretty back and forth.My entire gay-based friend group in Boston is based on an Ok Cupid date turned into a friendship.It’s becoming the same as Facebook — how we use it as a medium to keep in touch with individuals we have a connection with (whatever that connection may be).”West Coast Female, early 20s: “I think in big cities like San Francisco and LA, it’s becoming increasingly popular. Because of the drastic change in seasons that the East Coast endures, it’s a constantly changing game.Try not to get offended (unless you actually have been acting like an insecure nutcase). While I agree to certain extent, I've also noticed that people in San Francisco have become way too reliant on dating apps.It's gotten so out of hand that I've even gone on dates where we've talked about which dating apps are our favorite.I've heard my friends brag about having four dates lined up in one week.

I let her know that this isn't always the case (based on experience). I know a handful of women who have already started freezing their eggs to ensure that they can still have children in their forties, since they are so sure they won't settle down until they are much older. I Live Here, But Only Sometimes - One of the biggest problems about dating in The Bay Area is that no one is actually ever here.But I also think that if given the choice, people would prefer to meet people ‘in the wild,’ as they say. In order to be successful on a dating app, you have to be willing to go through a number of mediocre dates before finding someone. “Around fall girls are likely to be looking to build a relationship (cuddle buddy), but during the summer, it can turn into a free-for-all of hookups,” said an East Coast friend of mine.Because there is always something to do outside in California, people connect in different ways.Bottom line - When it comes to dating apps, you should try to focus on finding one person you might have a connection with, rather than jumping around all the time and swiping right. I was chatting about dating with a married friend of mine.I told her that the men in San Francisco just don't want to commit.

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When it comes to online dating, I seemed to have missed the boat.

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