Bi couple dating free samoan dating nz

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Bi couple dating free

I guess if the site don't care, I don't care (All this site does is put in stupid censor-bots that do little or nothing to prevent spamming and trolling, but that's another discussion for another thread.)I don't mean to sound like the PC-Police but "Are you still single? Because their are some people (although for the record, I AM NOT one of them, however, I respect EVERYONE's rights just as I would my on), who are "Single And Proud". )I really don't care how sexist or racist or homophobic, etc., a person is. " I mean the person's Marital/Relationship Status is technically not jermaine too the situation, is it? I hope I did :) Allright, I'm not gonna make a big deal about the commercial spam thing. It's not like you flooded the bored or anything, like the pharma advertisers do. Which is where I saw that clip.)The answer is no, no you shouldn't be able to do any such thing. You can even put up a big swastika on the door to ur place, if you want. You can hate them all you want, but you do have to let them in and take they're $ tho ;) However, back to how it applies to this case. If it were private property, I would probably (in most cases) say that you can put up a sexist sing like that, if you want. The fact that it is on GOVERNMENT PROPERTY (if a road isn't government property, I don't know what is!If neither of those, they are a whiny crybaby upset because the other person (me, in this case) won the debate. In all cases, the proper thing to do is just not reply. And don't worry, everyone who has very much Internet experience knows that you are right and they are wrong. So, to everyone else: People like this (user "Bayless") are usually attention-seeking. The best thing you can do, in most cases is not reply to them.

And I will also have this post to link to from other threads, whenever this comes up.

" I mean the person's Marital/Relationship Status is technically not jermaine too the situation, is it? You can honestly believe that a female applicant (no matter how big, built, or brawny, or experienced she is) will never ever be as good as a male applicant. However, if you run a construction company (or any company) and you discriminate against female applicants (or male ones, for that mater), then you need to be sued and shut down for that.

Well, this is America and you are alloud to be as sexist as you want.

So, recap, right quick: Persons who do that are usually trolls, seeking attention.

If not, they are idiots who don't know how to behave on Internet Forums.

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"Look, I realize you are selling a product (or service, in this case, but same principal). And the few who are, are nobody you would really want to have around anyway. (And for the record, I don't watch Fox News (or any television station) very much, however I do watch You Tube a good bit.

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