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Just check out cooking classes at Spork Foods and you’ll see for yourself that there are infinite options when it comes to vegan or gluten-free cuisine.

This studio in West Hollywood is owned by two sisters who can teach you how to make tacos, sweet and sour soups, vegan Chinese specialties, and even sushi!

Through the constant development of core skills and values, students gain preparation for further success both on the playing field and in life.

Partnerships are at the heart of Windward School, whether among alumni members of the Windward Network, active volunteers of the Parent Guild, or civic organizations in our neighborhood of Mar Vista.

Go here for: delicious vegan and gluten-free cuisine Cooking is social because food always tastes best when it’s shared.

Eatz is a fun cooking studio on La Brea near Melrose Avenue that specializes in international and exotic cuisine.

The idea at Eatz is to gather food lovers in the kitchen, divide them into teams, and make cooking a social event, where everything is shared, tasted, and made together.

Windward strives to create a welcoming, inclusive environment that encourages participation in the life of the school while also offering opportunity for meaningful involvement and interaction with local friends and groups.

Since its founding more than four decades ago, Windward has continued to develop and prosper thanks to those community members, volunteers, foundations, and other friends who have given generously to ensure the continuous advancement of the school.

You will also get lots of tips on shopping, and guidance on how to properly store the groceries.

Go here for: homemade Japanese cuisine Vegan and gluten-free cooking don’t have to be boring, and you don’t have to feel doomed to eat the same thing for the rest of your life.

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Prep your veggies, season your steaks, bring good friends and meet new ones while working together to make delicious food.

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