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After it was over, the organizers had me walk through the audience and hand Abby a rose.

I thought, What is this beautiful girl doing buying a date?

We got the world’s fastest waiter, who had us in and out in 45 minutes—it was disappointing. I thought she was sweet, but in all honesty I didn’t see a second date in our future.

Afterward we stopped by a gourmet-cupcake trailer and bumped into a few of Abby’s friends.

Plus, his bio mentioned that he coached Little League baseball. Dwayne: I had never participated in a date auction before.

I only agreed because it was for a good cause—the proceeds were going to breast cancer research.

Wadih: In June 1993, I needed a hard-to-find chemical for a particular experiment.

When Dwayne came onstage, five other women raised their paddles and started bidding on him, too.And we’ve always been big Louisiana State University football fans, so we never miss a game.Oh sure, we still get mad at each other, but we try not to get mad at the same time.Wadih: Forty-four people in my lab had to share the same e-mail address. We phoned, e-mailed, and saw each other when we could. , we both try to guess the response from the final-category name instead of waiting for the clue.Renata: At first, our messages were purely professional. Wadih: Then, in 1999, we accepted an offer to head up our own research laboratory at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston. To this day, I wonder, What if I had been careful and turned down his proposal? Burbank, California Ages 57 and 59Married 26 years, with two sons, ages 23 and 22See a picture of Deborah and Carlo. He had mentioned he worked at a movie theater and I thought, Hey, free movies! In 2007 I was laid off from my managerial position. Deborah: Through the years, we have kept each other interesting and interested.

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Renata: Wadih called me from his office in San Diego. Carlo is a freelance writer, and I’m working as a receptionist.

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