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Greek single dating services

They claim to be a unit and to have the same body of doctrine, which they say was that of the primitive Church.

As a matter of fact, the orthodoxy of these Churches is what we call heterodoxy, since it rejects the Papal Infallibility, and the Papal Supremacy, the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, that of Purgatory, etc.

For instance, if we mean to designate the rite, the term Greek Church is inaccurate, since there is really no Greek Rite properly so called, but only the Byzantine Rite.

If, on the other hand, we wish to designate the nationality of the believers in the Churches following the Byzantine Rite, we find that out of fifteen or twenty Churches which use that rite, only three have any claim to be known as , viz., the Church of the Hellenic Kingdom, the Church of Constantinople, the Church of Cyprus.

Thus the Ruthenian Church of Galicia, the Rumanian Church of Austria-Hungary, the Bulgarian Church of Turkish Bulgaria, the Melchite Church of Syria, the Georgian Church, the Italo-Greek Church, and the Church of the Greeks in Turkey or in the Hellenic Kingdom — all of them Catholic — are often called the United Greek Churches.

Again, it must be borne in mind that in the Church of Constantinople there are included a number of Slavs, Rumanians, and Albanians who rightly refuse to be known as Greeks.

The term , designates, without distinction of speech, or race, or nationality, all the existing Churches of the Byzantine Rite, separated from Rome.

the rite developed at Constantinople between the fourth and tenth centuries.

In the beginning, the only language of this rite was Greek.

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It is because these distinctions have not been, and are not, even now, always observed that a great confusion has arisen in the terminology of those who write or speak of the Eastern (Oriental) Churches and of the Greek Church.

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