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Bringing dogs and rats, taro and kūmara (sweet potato) to New Zealand, they found plenty of wildlife, including birds now extinct: the moa, a species of swan, and the giant Haast’s eagle.

Baby in a drain: The five day old baby boy (left) who miraculously survived after being dumped down this drain (right) by his mother on the day of his birth during hot Spring conditions in western Sydney Postings on social media in the days after she dumped her son, but before the baby was found and alleged crime was detected, show her posing and looking pretty in a dress but also experiencing post-natal tiredness.

The origins of Maori have been debated since Westerners first entered the Pacific Ocean.

During his explorations of Polynesia, Cook and his scientists noted the similarities in appearance, custom, and language of the Polynesian people, suggesting a common and comparatively recent settlement of that region; more distant origins, he suggested, probably lay in the 'Malay' or 'East Indies' regions.

Radiocarbon dating and computer voyaging have provided a wealth of insights. Between 12 BC they spread to West Polynesia (including Tonga and Samoa).

Ethnologists, (led by Percy Smith) 'tidied up' Maori oral tradition in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and gave the date of first Polynesian contact with New Zealand at 750 AD; the 'great fleet' (which departed from the Tahitian region) arrived in 1350 AD.

Secrets and lies: The Samoan woman (pictured) who allegedly attempted to kill her newborn son kept her pregnancy a secret, but could not contain her mounting obsession with babies as her came closer to giving birth herself.

She will appear in court on December 10 by video link from a Sydney women's prison Saved: The moment the baby boy is retrieved by Senior-Constable Mark Mc Alister from the stormwater drain and handed to paramedics in western Sydney last Sunday, five days after his 30-year-old mother allegedly left him for dead After giving birth to a healthy baby boy in a western Sydney hospital at 1am on Tuesday of last week, she discharged herself early that afternoon and, police allege, took her baby and placed him in a stormwater drain around 500m from her home.

Groups would then set off to start new settlements. By 1000 AD they had reached South America, and returned.

Using small islands as stepping-stones, explorers finally discovered New Zealand.

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More recently, radiocarbon dating of archeological sites, DNA analysis, and canoe reconstructions have furthered the debate.

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