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Bundle up for Winter Woofstock instead: Santa hats and dog reindeer antlers optional. If you have a different kind of dog, he’ll have fun laughing at the dachshunds.

Races are held around the country, and it doesn’t matter if the dachshund is long-haired, short-haired, or wire-haired—as long as his legs are high enough to get that belly off the ground and he doesn’t trip over his ears.

On the vast ranches down under, dogs have jobs, and no job is more important than keeping the sheep from wandering off.

The AKC holds warm-up events around the country, leading to the Nationals, which will be in Tulsa, in 2013.If your dog doesn’t want to go long, consider high or fast—or combine the three for the “iron dog” championship. Pick an event: dog speed dating; stupid tricks; Mr. Canine Canada; and the oh-so-slightly-risky Running of the Pugs.Got, say, a malamute or a husky who thinks snow is a toy and Canada’s supposed to be cold?But they are also the purest expression of joy on the planet.Almost everything is fun to dogs, whether chasing a ball or chasing their own tails.

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Now ask yourself: what’s better than watching wiener dogs try to reach take-off speed?