Textbox1 validating

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Textbox1 validating

The developer can create forms of various sizes and shapes and customize them to the user’s needs.

Windows Forms is the older of the two Windows development technologies currently supported by Microsoft, and many skilled developers are available for creating and maintaining Windows Forms projects.

Each technology provides its own set of advantages and drawbacks.

Windows Forms are the basic building blocks of the UI.

They provide a container that hosts controls and menus and allow you to present an application in a familiar and consistent fashion.

The nice thing about these Validation controls is that it will perform client-side validation when it detects the browser is able (unless client-side validation has been disabled). The Error Message tag is shown in the Validation Summary (see below). Usage of this Compare Validator is for confirming new passwords, checking if a departure date is before the arrival date, etc.

We'll start off with a basic example: The data type can be one of: Currency, Double, Date, Integer or String, string being the default data type.

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Back when we had only ASP, developers who had to write webpages for forms knew that the most tedious part is writing code to validate the user input.

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