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He said: ‘He didn’t bad an eyelid, he just ignored it and carried on with the date.

As First Dates took up residence on Channel 4 with series seven, there was one particular hopeful looking for love who stole viewers’ hearts.

In one third of people with Tourette's syndrome, the symptoms continue throughout their life.

However, they usually become milder as the person gets older.

Tourette's syndrome is more common than most people realise. The symptoms of Tourette's syndrome usually begin at around seven years of age and become most pronounced at 10–11 years.

Read more about the signs and symptoms of Tourette's syndrome. However, it's thought to be linked to problems with a part of the brain known as the basal ganglia, which helps regulate body movements.

In people with Tourette's syndrome, the basal ganglia 'misfire', resulting in the characteristic tics. There's no cure for Tourette's syndrome, but treatment can help to control the symptoms.

If you’re going to date someone with Tourettes here’s a few tips and warnings1. Dating someone with tics can be very frustrating, but if you are getting frustrated step away and think about how we feel 24/7. Movie dates aren’t the best idea, nor are quiet restaurants. Get use to explaining Tourettes in through detail quickly when your significant other steps out of the room or is about to meet your parents. You will learn triggers for certain tics, but as the all powerful human you then become its your job to only use them when in desperate need. You will also learn how to calm your partner, and you’ll both relish in the silence together. You won’t be able to fight everything for your partner, but you sure as hell can hold their hand as they fight.

You will be scared by vocal tics for a while, but don’t worry eventually you won’t even notice most times. Though some tics maybe cute or funny, laughing and commenting on them every times is annoying and demeaning. However feel free to joke with them about tics, it feels better to be laughed with than be laughed at. You may and most likely will be come subject to many tics.

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The tics don't usually pose a serious threat to a person's overall health, although physical tics, such as jerking of the head, can often be painful.

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